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"Be positive" is a new, not speculative organization that was created as an initiative of members of Humanist Movement, young people with particular sensitivity on issues and problems that concern socially sensitive groups of people that suffer daily from violence and discriminations imposed on them. We are volunteers on matters of gender, equality and discriminations as much in Greece as in Africa and Asia. We are active up to the moment in Greece, in Uganda, in India, in Eastern Europe (Romania and Ukraine) and the Balkans.

Our main activities in Greece have to do with discrimination and promotion of active non violence and in Africa and Asia with prevention of health. There, we create networks of volunteers that are based on self organization and self-financing of their action, trying to get rid of the ideology "poor against rich white".

For a such important work are always useful the help and participation from new volunteers that we invite also to join their forces with us. In regular time we organize with free attendance introductory meetings where we transmit our experience and fully analyze in which way we plan and exercise our missions.